PICKUP DATES/TIMES: Saturday November 8th from 11AM - 4PM and Sunday November 9th from 10:30AM-1:30PM

Thank you for your orders for Fall 2014.
We will be ordering again in April 2015.

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View available products and prices. Before ordering know if you want Organic or Chemical Free, Whole Berries or Flour, Bags, Buckets or Cases. Also view non-Wheat items we sell such as raw honey by the gallon, yeast, gamma seals and empty pails.

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HaleySilo FAQ's

When do we order? Where are we located? What do we sell? How can I be notified when the next order is? How can I pay you?

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Wheat Montana Info

What does Wheat Montana produce? Is everything Organic? What is the difference between white and red wheat? How long will the product be good for? How does Wheat Montana mill their flour?

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